What to do if you find an “abandoned” kitten?

Have you found a kitten or kittens that you believe to be abandoned?  Don’t move them right away.  Instead, watch from a safe distance and keep track of time to verify if the mom comes back.  Sometimes the momma cat will go to find food for herself, in order to survive and continue feeding her babies.  Below are some helpful links to assist you in identifying what to do in the event that you come across little ones. 

Importance of spaying and neutering

Unfortunately, there are many cats and kittens out there in need of forever homes.  While many rescues and shelters do their best to help, the number of cats and kittens still in need is overwhelming.  Our organization will help control the pet population by ensuring that our kittens are spayed and neutered prior to going to their new homes.  For more information about helping control overpopulation and why spaying/neutering is important to the overall health of your pet, please check out the links below.